What are the rules for registering a moped or scooter?

What are the rules for registering a moped or scooter? post thumbnail image

What are the rules for registering a moped or scooter?

If the older generations used to ride mopeds without any administrative procedures, the situation changed in 2004.

While some light and slow-moving vehicles can be driven without a licence, this does not mean that they do not need to be declared to the authorities and insured, and even the smallest mopeds and scooters need to be registered in order to obtain the necessary vehicle registration document.

A free process

In 2004, and then in 2009, two-wheelers under 50 cc were gradually subjected to the same rules as their more motorized counterparts: since April 15, 2009, the registration of all mopeds has been mandatory, whether they are first-time or second-hand vehicles, and whether they date from before or after July 2004.

Today, this procedure can be carried out by the professional who sold you your new vehicle or by yourself for a second-hand model, by going to the teleservice set up by the National Agency for Secured Titles: Immatriculation.ants.gouv.fr. The bill will be much less expensive than for a motorbike or car, since the procedure is entirely free of charge for 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled mopeds without bodywork.

In the nails

Driving a motorcycle of less than 50 cm3 implies respecting several rules. First of all, training is required. Accessible from the age of 14, this type of vehicle requires the holder of the AM category of the driving licence. This title is obtained after a minimum training of 8 hours and does not fall within the framework of a full licence. Then insurance. The law requires all drivers of two-wheeled motorcycles whose speed exceeds 6 km/h to be insured at least for civil liability.

And finally the equipment: the wearing of an approved helmet and certified gloves is mandatory for the driver and passenger.


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